Free Rust Keys! Message me.

I have a few rust keys lying around. Ill send it to people who ask.


(User was banned for this post ("Extended for making an almost identical crap thread that gave you the 7 days ban a week ago. This is your LAST CHANCE. Do it again and you'll get permabanned." - Swebonny))

hey me plz :slight_smile:
im new registered to the forum but reading a lot since i heard from rust!
would be rly happy to get one :slight_smile:

greetz stnd

can you give me a key please :slight_smile:

I’d love one too. Peace!

Me too =)

I’d love one. :slight_smile: If you’d be so kind, may I get a key?

Would appreciate one as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love a chance to play this game!


What have you done.

Troll thread :v:


Give me a key plisssss

May I have a key please?

Me plz I have been looking for 2 weeks
give me a key ^^

If you still got a alpha key laying around in the dust, I would really like one I have always been a fan of minecraft, DayZ and S.T.A.L.K.ER and all this combined must be an epic game concept.

Thank you very much, and I will hope for the best!

Hey I would love one if possible!

i think its christmas? would love one
please! :smiley:

Wow… This thread delivers!

Good luck cleaning out your inbox. :wink:

Hey me please i love this game

give me a key plz