Free server(s)


I am offering free servers to people here on Facepunch. They will also come with web hosting for your server.

The following servers are available:
Killing Floor;

If accepted, you will receive uncapped server bandwidth rates, a control panel and web hosting. The web hosting package will include 5GB disk quota and 100GB monthly transfer. You can use it however you want, but it is also for your servers FastDL and MySQL.

To apply for a server, go here:

Eh, are these being hosted on your own PC or what?

No, they will be on a dedicated server in limestone.

I requested 2 if thats fine with you.

darksoul is awesome. too bad i don’t need one :frowning:


Shouldn’t this be in the server hosting section?

Can i talk to you about a tf2 server?

Add me on steam if your interested

Server hosting rules:

I wanted to put it there, and it does seem like those rules aren’t enforced… but rules are rules.

What is the location of the server’s

Limestone only has one data center, which is located in Dallas, Texas.

If it’s the datacenter I think it is, it’s awesome.

agreed, it is.

I would like a CS:S server please

Hey, can i get a DoDs server man?

i would like a gmod server please :]


I see :expressionless:

Offer is still open. Remember to PM me if interested.

sent you a pm.