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Hello, Facepunch i am here today on behalf of SyndexServers to offer you all a chance to have your own free 32 slot server we are giving out a limited number of servers for free to the first 6 lucky people to register on the site and order a service with the coupon “IAmLucky” after the first month you will have to pay but on a set 30% recurring discount (Unless your community is popular then there will be a discussion among sponsorship) for anyone who is not in the first six the coupon code “Facepunch” will allow for a recurring 32.5% discount, so get in there and get your free server today

Order Now:
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p.s if this is considered advertising you may remove the bottom half about the discount for the coupon facepunch and just leave the free server part here

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still 6 more free servers guys!

** We are a brand new company so please excuse the default templates with WHCMS & TCAdmin the website itself is being worked on as we speak

0/6 Uses on the coupon code “IAmLucky” but thankyou to all our lovely clients who didn’t bother to use 100% off coupon and just used the 32.5% Recurring Discount Coupon “Facepunch” 0/6 Free 32 Slot Servers Still Are Avaliable (Only one per user)

Yay, another WHMCS & TCAdmin combination! :dance:

It didn’t end well for the last guys who signed up to advertise like this, so I’d suggest you snip your thread. I know it’s not terribly obvious from the rules and you’re giving some stuff away for free, but iirc the mods said that wasn’t enough to disqualify you from “joining just for advertising.”

Darksoul apparently has an exception because he has been a contributing member of facepunch for quite some time and seemingly started his thread just to give back to the community.

Hey Blip, Look i can understand that and as i stated in the OP If its considered advertising staff can remove part about discount and keep the part that says free server, so far no problems though but if they arise the admins can just remove the part about the 32.5% discount and keep the free servers, i didn’t just make this account to advertise. thanks for the heads up though

I signed up :slight_smile:

could these servers handle a heavily modded darkrp… basically, more than 40 addons

That’s not heavily modified, it’s called heavily crappified.

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What are the server specifications btw?

any servers left?


Bad at reading.

-Hate-B-Gone Spray-


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please add a upgrading/downgrading option on your servers, would be great, as I bought 1!

Servers All Used/ Nexus You have recieved an email upon getting moved to our new dedicated servers

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All Specs Posted On Site now

Swapped to SyndexServers Again To Avoid These Huge Swaps

  • Henry

No E3 with 8 cores & 16 threads exists…

Unless you have dual E3’s but I don’t think so as I have yet to find a motherboard that supports dual LGA1155 sockets…

I didnt get an email, but cool! also i sent a ticket on there about not being able to access cfg files and the command line changer…

Option being added as we speak

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Sorry i messed up hard in my tired state i had a moment
32GB Ram
Xeon E3 Core
1gb/s Uplink
8 Threads
4 Cores

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Still 2 more free servers guys :slight_smile: