Free Servers - Start your own community!

Awesome, thanks!

We are now also supplying L4D2 and L4D servers for free.

I’d like to host a 24 slot TTT to test my coding, as well start up my community I had long ago that was fairly popular (was #1 TTT back in 2012 / early 2013)

Consider it done good sir.

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Oh, Anyone who wants their server permanently should check the forums for the CS:GO event :wink:

Setup the latest few orders!

how long do we get to keep the free server?

May I please get a 32 slot GMod Server?

Deleted post.

16 slot Gmod server please

Can I please get a 16 slot Garry’s Mod server? I’m looking to start up a DarkRP server.

Hello, I would like to get a 16 slot Gmod server please.

Is there any garry’s mod servers left?
I would love to get one.

Ok fair enough but will I be able to get a chance at a server even after the tons of server requests that seem to be coming?

So… You want to start a hosting business, huh?

Few questions for you!

  1. What hardware do your dedicated servers / VPS’s have and how much monthly bandwidth aswell as I’d like to know the network speed is?
  2. What OS are you running?
  3. You say you want to be the cheapest GSP out there, but hardware are expensive and co-location is also very expensive unless you rent the whole box from a 3rd party hoster.
  4. Do you overload your dedicated servers with game servers? How many servers do you squeeze into one box? Any load balancing?
  5. Are you only using 3rd party softwares? Like TCAdmin, WHMCS, Multicraft?
  1. Please read the about us page. For a detailed list. Network speed: 1GBPS.
  2. TCAdmin is on a Windows server.
  3. That’s not a question. Also, the person who is ‘in-charge’ of our hardware has some very strong connections.
  4. We try not to, we’ve decided on 90 for our TCAdmin box, since with 10 we were using less than 5% of our CPU.
  5. We’re in communication with our web-developer at the moment.

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We’re going to make it easier to get a server, you no longer have to PM me.

Simply Sign up on our forums (So you get the announcements and news)
Then, create a billing account when picking the type of server you want.

I will no longer be accepting PMs. I still appreciate telling me who you are by replying though :wink:


90 servers on one box is that a bit excessive considering a 10 slot server can use a full thread.

the 10 are prolly using less then 5% because no one is one them. Wait for a few players to join the servers then bring out a bunch of props. those cores will be bursting with usage.

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also, your about us page only blabs about the “company” and it’s “employees”, nothing about server hardware.

I would like to have a Garry’s Mod 24 slot server to test out some of my lua scripts and also put them to use on the server.

My server crashes every 3 minutes.

Then why do they have linux binaries and have installation instructions for linux?

Because TCAdmin 2 is also available on Linux.