Free servers with web hosting!

I’m no longer offering free servers.

Was stealing brohoster’s tagline really necessary?

:confused: I don’t see how I’m stealing it.

“We treat you like a bro, not screw you like a ho”

Yes, I am using that phrase as my banners text. I never stole it though, seeing as it is just a phrase and they do not have any kind of copyright over it.

But if it will please you, I gave them credit for it. I don’t really see the issue here.

Is there really any sort of catch besides making sure it’s active?

Where do I sign up on the site? I want to request a TF2 server.

Well they are treating us like a bro.

Thing is, It’s like mission impossible to get a game server populated.

Not if you have a popular steam group that needs a server :confused:


Server Spec?

You can always play it yourself and get friends who want to play it also?

Such an alien concept to play your own servers, right?

Woah woah woah, back the logic train up. You want us to actually go on our own server?

What you smoking’ bro?

Replace the ram with 8GB and the bandwidth with 10TB and those are the server specs.

What! We did that all the time when we used to run that ZS server together. It got fifty people on constantly!

Lol, he must be worser then : ,
At lest they are legit.

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This man hosts my l4d2 server and there hasn’t been any complaints from me or the players about it

He also hosts the Facepunch Unsrs Server (my version) and has always helped me when I did a bullshit mistake and such, very nice person and very nice servers.

Yes you don’t have GMod Server

Is that a statement or a question?