Free Servers

Hello, I’m here to represent a community called Fusion-Gaming, For a limited time only (a week) we are offering 20 free servers to anyone who is interested, servers that we are willing to give away are…

Counter Strike: Source
Team Fortress 2

All of this is FREE.
For those who are interested here are some server specs…

memory (ram): 8gb
disk space: 2 x 500 gb
connection: 100mbit unmetered
processor: intel core 2 quad Q6600 4 x 2.24 GHZ

The homepage/portal is still in development but the forum and other functions are fully operational.

If you are interested please leave your MSN and we will add you.


Please no more “Test” Servers or people who will not take the server seriously and neglect it.


Servers Are Full Up… Sorry!

I will notify everyone when places are open due to people being “Inactive”

Sweet, May i have one please.

I can vouch for them, I have an 8 slot gmod server :smiley:

Post your MSN please.

You won’t (realistically) be able to cope with more than 10 popular servers on those specs.

Less if they are Garry’s Mod. The Q6600 isn’t that great of a chip anymore.

A friend wants to talk to you about this, it is not my email.
Thanks in possible advance.

Share with me please guys share half donations i will code :3:

Cubar please post your MSN details, others have been added and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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We are also aware that the server specs are not realistically capable of hosting 10+ servers, but so far we have hosted 5 servers without problems but none were successful. Fusion-Gaming will upgrade specs if there is any need to do so.

Give me your steam page and i’ll add you.

I would prefer to contact you using MSN details.

Contact through steam.

Alright, you win.

Here “thebamfordz” add me.

He asked me for my email and my password, i refused and he closed the chat. :v:

I hope you’re this Mikkel Thomsen that I just became friends with…

Me? no

No, the person who just invited me, who I hope is the OP.

Keep posting your Mail-Addresses so more spambots can find them! :slight_smile:

I am not the owner of Fusion-Gaming…

@Cubar We make your cPanel and account settings without details that you specify.

My steam name is “thebamfordz” this is not Mikkel, you can contact him through me.