Free stretching ragdoll?

Anyone can help me to figure this problem out?


$modelname “blacktea\clot.mdl”
$model “studio” “ref.smd”

$scale .8
$cdmaterials “models\kfnpc”

$surfaceprop “flesh”

$root “Collision_Attach”

$sequence ragdoll “ragdoll” ACT_DIERAGDOLL -1 fps 30.00
$sequence idle “idle” loop ACT_IDLE -1 fps 30.00

$sequence m1 “melee1” loop ACT_MELEE_ATTACK1 1 fps 30.00
$sequence m2 “melee2” loop ACT_MELEE_ATTACK1 2 fps 30.00

$sequence run “walk” loop ACT_WALK -1 fps 31.00 {

$sequence walk “walk” loop ACT_RUN -1 fps 31.00 {

$collisionjoints “ref.smd” {
$mass 200
$rootbone “chr_spine1”

$jointskip "chr_pelvis"
$jointskip "chr_ribcage"
$jointskip "chr_headjaw"
$jointskip "chr_rankle"
$jointskip "chr_lankle"
$jointskip "chr_spine2"
$jointskip "chr_larmpalm"
$jointskip "chr_rarmpalm"
$jointskip "chr_neck"

$jointcollide "chr_rarmforearm" "chr_rarmcollar"
$jointcollide "chr_larmforearm" "chr_larmcollar"
$jointcollide "chr_lcalf" "chr_spine1"
$jointcollide "chr_rcalf" "chr_spine1"

$jointmerge "chr_head" "chr_spine3"
$jointmerge "chr_rarmcollar" "chr_spine3"
$jointmerge "chr_larmcollar" "chr_spine3"
$jointmerge "chr_spine3" "chr_spine1"



Here is my QC.

please do tell me if you need more infromation.

aw yeah a clot

now for the rest of them, i want

Why do you have so many jointskips?

Essentially the issue is, that some bones just believe they are not connected to each other, so the various elements can fly away from each other.

This usually happens if you forget to weld the bones together in your model editor.
Go back and check if they’re welded together.

aw, is there any way to weld bones with qc string?