Free To Play

When Rust comes out on beta, or when it comes out fully will it be free to play or pay to play?

its way too early to ask that question

Doubt that Garry would ever release a game F2P.

Should probably buy gold, just to be sure on that.

get an m4 instantly for $5

can you imagine…

How about you buy me gold and I will check for you :wink:

lol apparently someone called them selves garry jewman in game and is running around speed hacking…

I doubt it get’s released as an FTP. Still to early to tell though.

I think Garry’s too nice to release something as ungodly as a free-to-play game.

it is i think too i hope
its not free because the its gonna get too popular

So what were the previous versions of Garry’s Mod 10, 12, and 13? I don’t ever remember paying for those…

Mods. He couldn’t have profited from them without using donations, considering he used Valve assets.

Dude, Garry’s Mod 13 needs more RAM to play WTF.

daily subscription

I’m pretty sure someone asked this on their twitter account. They confirmed saying that it will NOT be a F2P game.

NOOOOES sad face

Would rather have it payable

Free to play just means infinite number of accounts that can hack till they get banned.

Ip ban

F2P is NOT the future no matter what terrible game news site claims.