FREE WEED! Fresh Wipe 8/17 - Active Admins/Kits/Airdrops/No Dura/No grief/No abuse


Great server, lot’s of fun, Very Helpful Admins.

Press F1 in the game and copy + paste the line below to connect.


Or look for us under the name:

Pothead’s Rust-O-Rama USA/Active Admins/Kits/Airdrops/No Dura/No Grief

Come smoke a bowl with us!

Server’s just starting out, but I’m having fun playing.

All I can say is… in Rust, there’s weeds everywhere


Great server with no admin abuse. Lol all you could ask for in a server.

Thanks guys! Only going to get better! Arena is coming!

Tomorrow at 9 est will be a battle at the arena! 6v6 In brothers we rust vs. WeAreSOLST1C The Youtuber with an awesome Channel that will be recording the battle If you want to watch this battle at the arena please feel free to show up and don’t forget to make our server your regular server!

We hope that you will be there to join in on the fun. After the battle you can join the arena! The winner gets C4 and there are no rules besides no hacking or boting! Are you ready to join us because we are ready for you! See you at 9 est

Arena Battle will be put on youtube!

Come join our server net.connect

It’ll be a blast!