FreeBSD Dedicated Server Support

Dear Garry, since you have made it pretty clear that there is absolutely NO chance whatsoever that there will ever be a Linux based gmod dedicated server, we can skirt around the issue quite nicely by compiling one that runs on FreeBSD. What do you say?

FreeBSD is a UNIX descendant, like Linux.

Dedicated servers are supported for Windows only.

My hope was that if Garry didn’t like Linux for whatever reason (maybe it’s the fanboys he hates), - what if he is not antagonized by FreeBSD in the same way? Maybe a long shot…

Garry might hate all UNIX systems.

In the last interview i asked Gazza if he will provide linux support and he said he wont.

He won’t provide Linux support, but… maybe just maybe… he doesn’t hate the other UNIX systems. (Who am I kidding lol)

It’s all pretty much the same anyway, so don’t expect much.

And I don’t want any Linux arse rapers to come in and tell me otherwise with your nitpicking ways, it IS all basically the same.