Freedom Planet prerelease development thread [HELP APPRECIATED!]

This thread is now a post-release thread.

Update (27th December):
Models update is out for Lilac and Carol. I will no longer be updating these models as now I will work with Freedom Planet 2 designs instead.
ALSO, I will no longer be supporting this thread. Any matters, bring it to the Workshop.

Update (6th Decemeber): Updated models and misc. items coming soon, VERY soon! They are in production now.

I will no longer upload 3ds max files nor high resolution textures here.
If you want them, PM me on Steam, or just open a thread in the workshop.

----- OLD STUFF BELOW -----
The models could use these improvements…
Rigging, especially shoulder, hands and maybe some joints.
The names of bones are not those of Valve’s.
Their morphs are only the eye lids. Turbosmooth also fucked them up when using sliders in Source.
Their facial expressions rely solely on the bones on their eyes and mouth, which are also not very well rigged.
Their eyes tend to stretch when nearing edge, also their qc_eyes could REALLY use some adjustments.
When compiling, they are split into multiple bodygroups. Not detrimental but I wonder why?
JIGGLEBONES! I can’t get them to work!!!
The eye cubemap is a dud.
…I forgot…

Mister Prawn already called dibs. So don’t be a piece of shit and race him to fame or something. Instead, collaborate!

Some dumb trivia
-They are a few months after the events of the game. So they look a little more matured? Except for Milla because I can’t model her for shit.
-Designs partially stolen from Tyson Tan’s.
-Their height and anatomy are loosely based on Sonic characters, because of the characters’ origins, and crossover is inevitable.
-Lilac’s still recovering from hair loss because I didn’t notice I model her twin hair whips too slim. (Short hair is also unintentional??)
-Carol is left handed. I’m pretty sure this is canon.
-Care to spot branded attires that both Lilac and Milla dons?
-Milla’s design is OC, except the backpack. This simplistic design took 2~ weeks to finalize.
-Why did I change her design? Cause I FUCKING hated her original design. Sorry.
-Each character has a Hammerspace access point: Lilac’s belt pouch, Carol’s pockets, and Milla’s backpack.
-I also keep forgetting Carol’s glove laces, it is such a bitch to attach a half-broken particle to it.
-I started learning 3d modeling just for this. It was my busiest and most exhausting months of the year.
-I’m ready for you, DeviantArt. Do disappoint me.

GalaxyTrail for the game and characters, which I based on.
Tyson Tan for his designs, which I stole.
Hyperchaotix for his cubemaps, which I also stole.

Don’t mind me, just documenting some change logs.

Update 1
AFFECTED FILES: LILAC && CAROL [Updated in 1st post]

  • Improved Carol’s head UV
  • Fixed some skin weight issues for both Lilac and Carol
  • Lilac’s qc eyes drastically improved
  • Lilac’s misc texture material adjusted to be less shiny

Please manually update Lilac_misc.vmt, for now.
[This file is current not publicly available]

	"$basetexture" 			"models/aNoob/Lilac/Lilac_misc"
	"$bumpmap"			"models/aNoob/Lilac/Lilac_misc_NRM"

	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponent"			"2"
	"$phongboost"				"1"
	"$phongfresnelranges"		"[.15 .05  .15]"
	"$phongtint"			"[1 .8 1]"

	"$rimlight"               "1"
	"$rimlightexponent"       "1"
	"$rimlightboost"          "2"

	"$envmaptint"	"[.25 .1 .25]"
	"$envmapfresnel" "1" 

Most likely a final update before the models go live tomorrow night.

Update 2

Updated 1st post’s formatting: Now displays the file’s version number
Milla’s arms’ bone weights vastly improved.
Milla’s Cube now has bones, it allows for 1 dimensional scaling.

Textures will be made available late tomorrow.
(Frankly I don’t know if Workshop can handle 600mb of textures…)

o_O 600 mb or textures for those 3 models? that is way too much. you gotta scale the textures down. or compress them. use dxt when saving. you might have to fix the uv layout after that. it might happen some edges go dirty. are there any?

if you stay using that ‘plain shade’ style and if you need that lil sharp lines you gotta uv unwrap different. you could unwrap parts of the mesh with simple colored polygon in a smaller palette texture. it’s really just a bunch of colors. not even 30… if i count this tyson guy’s reference. for lines to paint you can use polygons edges and their adjacent polygons. rip a single or double polygon strip and unwrap it for the sharp line on it or bordering it. some anime models are modeled and textured like that. some… i have. a very efficient style. :slight_smile:

Apparently it is not just flat colors, they have (shitty-ly) hand painted shades and photo textures for “materials”. (eg. furs)

I see what you mean by the efficient UV layout, but I’m not spending anymore time redoing the unwrap for the time being.
Downscale is currently the simplest solution. Or I compress them and provide an external link :pudge:

Blender fails to import Milla’s smd. Dunno why.

Are the others fine? I’ll re-export and re-up. (Look out for ver.2.1)

Okay never mind.

…what? Is this a Blender thing? Welp, Crowbar compiles it fine so I don’t really care. Unless it fixes the “splitting into 3 bodygroups” problem.

Found a solution: you need to remove commentary lines in beginning of reference’s smd and (probably) also remove unnecessary keyframes and leave only time 0.

the vta neither seems to import. i’ll not (try to) be working on this then. shrugs

Actually it’s so close to release, I wasn’t expecting any additional help but…
I don’t know how to solve any of the issues involving importing of smd, since the qc compiles just fine.

no problem. got ya the tip with the texture sizes. that might be worth something. imo there’s not much to fix. you just gotta release it as it is then. might not hurt. should work. :slight_smile:

SFM workshop version is up. Goooo grab them.
High resolution textures can be downloaded here, the workshop version only goes up to 512x512.
Base textures are made also available, they are bundled with the model source files.
Thread now converted into a general thread, or something.

Check original post for all updated information.