Freelance hard surface prop/weapons modeller looking for work!

I’m home from Uni and looking for some work to keep me going through summer, if you need weapons, props or basically anything non-organic I can do it for you.

Sadly I can’t work for free, but I’ll work for a relatively low price considering how much props and weapons can be sold for!

Please judge my past work accordingly, the more dated the work the less it represents my current level of abillity.
Past work -

Stuff I can do for you.
High poly models.
Low poly models.
Optimize models.
UV models.
Bake AO/Normals
Texture models.

Stuff I can’t do for you
Work for free.
Walk your dog.

Post below if you want something and I will get in touch with you, if you want to talk to me privately email me at and put “REQUEST” in the subject.

Serious requests only please, modelling is time consuming!


Here’s some stuff I’ve done fairly recently.