Freeman in a Jam

Just a scene where my men are closing in on Freeman…who happened to drag Alyx along for the ride.

and yes…thats Gman waaaaay in the distance.


If we stay real quiet, maybe they won’t think we’re here

"Don’t move, their eye-sight is based on whos expendable…

Wait a minute…

I thought Gordan was only a pair of arms and a gun?

Shhh, don’t tell him that…

“This fucking itch right here, goddammit. Can it get any worse?”

Man, Gordon needs to just relax and wait for the eyeball reticle to go back to a line.

Bam, situation diffused.

Eyeball reticle…?
What are you talking about?

Little series called The Elder Scrolls.

I dont play that.

You’re missing out, mate.

Im not a “midevil” or “magic” game person. Sorry. I like Moder, Modern/Furture, and Future games.
Thanks for the Offer.

Skyrim is boring as shit, such as Oblivion. Totally a nerd game, when you always choose female character, because you haven’t seen a vagina since you were born.

I support your comment.

I hear Morrowind was really good though

lol “nerd game”; what is this the fucking 90’s?

even I don’t like it and I can see reasons why it’d be entertaining, it’s like you’re that kid who hassles other people for their lunch money because you liked Rugrats and they liked Hey Arnold or something

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if you ignore the combat and the cliffracers

Whoa guys, this sin’t an arguement thread…please take it somewhere esle like Personal Messaging…please.

well yeah but you can just get an overhaul if you really don’t like the combat, and there’s probably a few mods to remove cliffracers. plus with ENB’s and FXAA injectors you can get graphics comparable to Oblivion’s with a much more original atmosphere.

Games should be able to be able to stand up on their own merits un-modded.
If I HAVE to install mods to a game to make it enjoyable is it really a game I want to play in the first place?

Guys…really…isn’t there a Thread that you guys could tak this conversation to?