Freeman roams in a dock thinking why the f.. hell he can't speak.

Ingame scenebuild at gm_flatgrass_night without edit.

Flatgrass angle:

Here all the pictures I made in gmod:
It has the big house projects too, a few video and in a separate directory the xxx images as well.
You can use winrar or total commander to extract.

One word.

(in a good way)

Oh my god.


In one word: Awesome

In two words: Fucking awesome.

Nice scenebuild but could use a better camera angle.

Very nice. Would not have guessed flatgrass.

I think the camera angle is perfect in relation of the Scenebuild, another angle would show the shitty flatgrass or the void.

Holy Shit

The prop placement couldn’t be better, and the lighting is fantastic. It looks like a real map.

But, it could use better posing and a better angle.

Holy crap man.
Shit got REAL.

I was gonna ask what map it was until I scrolled down…


best scenebuilder ever

You should really make a materials pack for all of us.

I don’t think Freeman really fits the picture but I really love the scenebuild you made.

THis is quite amazing.

Good to see you back, awesome job as usual.

That’s the whole point

You pick a good angle and build around the angle

Good lord.
That’s great

This scene built feels like it’s a map.

Great picture and build. But two things just ruin it a bit to me. The Gordon model and how old it looks (I really wish someone would make better model and textures). The second thing is that health kit. Somehow it looks out of place, almost shopped.