Freeman's Edge - Freeman performing a (rather shit) form of parkour.

dem pixelz

Pretty good.

Also, explanation for why freeman looks like he’s falling:

If Freeman stops or slows for a single second, he’ll know what a stunstick where the sun don’t shine feels.

Hay guys.
He just flamed me on Steam for nitpicking 2 parts about it. and blocked me.

Great job bringing the drama to the forums when you could have learned to just shut up for five minutes.

Now let that be the end of it.

He’s doing the cougar

honestly, i said it looked good. :confused:

The posing on freeman and the cop just feel odd.

It doesn’t feel right at all.

Maybe if we saw the slant of the roof it’d look better.

hes gonna fall short not reaching the other side, eventually falling to death :buddy:

Anybody with me on The Office reference?

I’ve never seen the office.

Then go watch it. NAO.

Seriously? No. From what i’ve seen it’s a shit show that’s ripped off half of the UK office.

The UK version is nothing like it. Completely different characters and story. It has the same general premise, but it’s nothing like it.
Also, it’s a very well written show that isn’t bad.

It’s ok, but it looks like the metrocop is gonna fall over.

He is.