Freespace 06 VMF

Could somebody give me the freespace_06 v2-1? I wanted to make it with a secret entrance into the city so I could make it a fortress in multiplayer that other people need to find and sneak into.

Why not just make your own map?

I can decompile and get vmf, but it will be illegal

Besides it’s bad practice to practically steal another’s work.

You won’t learn to map proparly if your just gonna mod others work. And you must ask for premision by the author.

5 words: Hell no, make it yourself.

That’s 6 words and 1 number.

Ha ha. Owned.

Yeah dude, map it yourself, you’ll thank us later.

Ok, just stop with the “make it yourself” stuff

download VMEX. you guys don’t realize that even if he makes some completely masterpiece people will still know it’s stolen so who cares. he’s probably new to mapping so it will be obvious it is just take from freespace_06.

god i need to learn how to map again. i used to be a god at this stuff but i went for too long without doing this and i forgot how to do it all. wow i fail. can someone upload a copy of gm_construct.vmf so i can relearn how to do this $hit?


im not a n00b or anything, i just have a bad time remembering how to do the little blocks and stuff :frowning:


you can decompile gm_construct.bsp from garrysmod content.gcf -> /root/maps/gm_construct.bsp

No. Make it yourself. Other peoples work isn’t yours to build upon.

Post dates my friend, he’s probably dead by now.

Of course you were. We totally believe you.

LOL wow. I kant reed 2 dai.