Freespace Minipack

A pack of some ships I ported from Freespace Includes:
GTF Apollo
GTF Loki
GTF Erinyes
GTC Fenris
GVD Typhon
SJ Sathanas

EDIT: forgot to add the link! sorry! fixed

have any bigger pics?

They’re links from imageshack. they’re bigger when you click on em’.

Cool ships!


I love them. Thanks bro. been waiting for more ship models. could you try an interior in one?

One of those ships just doesn’t belong :v:
Nice ports anyway, might be fun to play with

well, I would have to model it myself, or i could get a version that has the freespace 2 “no collide” tag so it got an interior

Hell yeah.

Now we just need some more fighters for dogfights.

e: One criticism - no life-sized versions? I mean, for the Sathanas I totally understand, that thing’s longer than most gmod maps, but the fighters being so teensy is disappointing.

well, the fighters are actually that size in freespace, because they made the capships THAT big. I’ll experiment with resizing the fighters though, should be about the size of the fenris.

Space…its so quiet

No its not, there just isn’t enough screaming yet.

Cool. Try using the pilots in the cockpit for scale vs. citizens or something?

or beam laser sounds…

and for pogostick, i don’t know how i’ll scale it to be that big. i may resize a shivan fighter (it has no cockpit).

UPDATE! Ok, i’ll be porting more ships soon, and make a release thread! currently my list is:
GTCv Deimos
GTVA Colossus
GTF Perseus
SF Dragon (textures are screwed up)

There are better models of the ships in the FS2Open updates. These models are the basic ones.
I am wondering if we are authorized to port them as they are free to download?
Just adding credits to the community and volition may be needed… but i don’t really know.

I managed to get the best ships models of that game to 3D software and I just need to press “Export” button to get it under gmod…

These are the HTL models, They just don’t have any shinemaps, some have normals, and a few of them have glowmaps, i’ll release an update pack later

Oh the nostalgia… Thanks for the models!