freespace rp & nukes

i have searched for servers with nukes or role playing in a free space map and there is nothing like that of my requests so someone please do that

That does not exist, all you can find are some build DarkRP Servers in gm_construct, but no nukes…

Nukes rarely work well in any gamemode. Especially RP, unless it’s the theme of the RP, or the admins know exactly what they’re doing with the bombs.

Lol. That’s all i can say to that.

Singleplayer exists :banjo:

… i think he meant gmod and this will never happen and if it does say bye bye to actual rp.

Here’s a transcript, just use it instead.

Bob has joined the game
Bob is now a Nuke Dealer
Bob bought a Nuke Shipment.
Everyone else: OMGZ MY BASE