freespace06_v2night_ravenholm BETA


This is an editted version of freespace06_v2night, and is built for rp/buildrp purposes
credit for original map goes to helio-g
credit for this edit goes to ME. (JerrBear)
this version is a beta, please report any bugs on THIS forum, and i will get right to fixing them. will release the final version once everything is fixed.
also, please post any suggestions you think may be useful here.
please post helpful info to me, such as how to make doors so that when the map loads they are already cop/mayor ownable only, nonownable, and such. also need to know how to have the map pre-set the jail positions, such as in rp_downtown

-the city in the middle of the map now has a roof and walls around it, and a main gate. this city is named Ravenholm
-ravenholm has many apartments and such, has a gunshop, a town hall with a jail
-sewers: there is a secret door in the sewers (have fun, don’t get lost)
the sewers lead outside
-there is a button on the mayor’s desk that opens the main gate (very heavy noise, 5 second delay)
-more water
-rest of map is same
-spawn inside ravenholm (a couple spawns from original map i couldnt remove, please help me with this)



EDIT: found how to do it, thanks infinity :slight_smile:

-jail doors rotate wrong
-one of the windows on an apartment is wrong texture

PS: my first map :slight_smile:

Pics please

Ill take some screens maybe

Ok I will tell you the problems with the map as politely as possible before some Good mapper or Old FP member bashes you with their “evil” constructive criticism.

Its fullbright.
Its blocky.
It doesn’t have much textures.
The few textures that it haves are ugly.
Its repetitive.
It looks unreal for a city. (Whats up with the Roller Coaster bridge/highway?)

Thats all i could think of. Good luck trying to improve it.

Number 1 rule with mapping: Never decompile/edit someone else’s work. The worst part is that almost all “remakes” of good maps completely destroy them. My only advice is to make your own map from 100% scrap.


Guy above me’s icon: Hidan ftw =D

Before I say, “did you even read the whole post”
im going to assume you did, and quote a couple lines, first of all, the map is an EDITTED version of freespace06, a build map. if you havent played on it before, then go find it and play on it, second, the only part i really editted was the edition of the city, for rp purposes. the outdoors is for building and such

So you decompiled a map, made it fullbright, and made it look worse? kudos?
Next time, make your own map, add lighting, and add more detail.

thanks for the advice, but i wanted to edit this map because i liked the design of the city that was already in it, and it was mostly designed for my clan’s server, which is build rp. the outside is for building whatever you want, and the city is for rp.


i didnt change any lighting from the original map, and this is a beta. that’s why im taking suggestions for anything to add, not just “more detail”. that’s way too vague. but thanks for posting.
and i didnt make the map look worse, i changed it to work for rp, which is why i made it for my server

In that case, make a map that has similar elements. That way, you won’t get assaulted for editing a map and you still get what you want. Everybody wins.

I agree with you on everything. Hidan ftw! :slight_smile:

Why editing a Build map for those purposes when the map looks COMPLETELY unreal for that kind of RP…

i just figured that editting it was easier :slight_smile:
and im still a noob at SDK for the most part, so starting from scratch it probably wouldn’t have ended up as good as this was


i made a city, out of the former non-finished city in the middle, which works for RP. it’s sort of like a vault101 cenario from fallout3, where it is closed in on all sides and has one main door

Okey Okey…
Just work on the things Laptop Man and I told you, or do as RctFanatic told you and make your own map.

To be 100% straight up, mapping is NOT easy. Well, good mapping. It takes a long time to carve what you want to make, and there are no shortcuts. Even the smallest shortcut often shows, and it reflects on the creator.


Change your FacePunch icon. FacePunch users with default icons = GMod Minges imo.

before i add more content i want to get suggestions from people who have played the map and think it needs something else, and as for the lighting, i really suck at it in general, so i was hoping to leave it as is, but if need be i will change it

edit: will change my icon in a bit… just gotta figure out where my avatar is located >.<

Carveeeeeeee! Mappers hate that word :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologise for any offence the next statement will make. It’s 1.30am here and this guy is being a classic newbie.


  1. The map is fullbright. This means there is an absence of realistic lighting or shadows. Although this does reduce compile times, it also makes the map look terrible.
  2. Editing maps is not the way forwards. We have enough construct remakes without someone starting a trend for editing something else. Also, when editing a map it is highly likely that you will ruin it. Mainly because it isn’t your map, it was created for a reason…LEAVE IT ALONE.
  3. I would class this an an Alpha simply because it has no lighting. Incidentally, if you left the lighting how it was, it means you compiled with no rad.
  4. Why is this called Ravenholme?
  5. Please don’t use the excuse “first map” or “beta”, otherwise you are just asking for posts like this.

wasn’t exactly an excuse, i put beta because that’s what it was meant to be, i wanted suggestions to further it. as for first map, i just put that there as a little note

and i am a supernoob mapper, which means you can probably tell me why that when i compiled with RAD, hammer would crash, so i just skipped that, it’s called ravenholm, well, because that’s what i wanted to name the city? and lastly, please stop telling me that i should have just made my own map, because it’s already been said several times. i get it, and i just want to let you know, that next time i will. as for this one, it is an edit. deal with it.

I was referring to like sculpting a map =D

  1. Ravenholme is dark and creepy. This is scary for all the wrong reasons.
  2. If rad is crashing then either you are compiling on a shit pc or there is something wrong in your map. Ever tried working out what was wrong before uploading this?

If I had the facepalm image I’d post it. (then get banned for image macro)

This is the worst case of plagiarism. You can’t just decompile someone else’s map and then re-release it looking like that. It’s a dog’s dinner.

Could be the fact that he’s probably carving. Or that it’s decompiled. You know what that does to a map in the long run.