Freespace10 (2010)

Well, I’m gonna decompile freespace06_v2-1 and see if I can’t actually IMPROVE it a bit. Anyone want anything specific?



IT ONLY CONTAINS THE PYRAMID, but just wait until you see what I've done with it...



Even more epic pyramid, tell me which to use (still have both).

did you get permission?

Decompiling and editing would be pretty stupid.

Can’t ask permission from someone who’s been gone for like three years, otherwise I would.

And every time I try to map from scratch, I lose interest.

I lose interest too, But decompiling a map usually messes it up anyway.

Decompiling does bad things to maps. I would suggest making it from scratch.

Aye, decompiling can fuck up maps. But I’ve actually figured out how to fix that. Not saying it’s easy, but it is possible to fix.

Like what? Replacing every brush or something?

Before you go and do what you want to do, check out this recent remake.

It does justice imo

That map is why I’m doing this. If you actually read the thread, it’s tiny, the train tracks are horrible, and the map isn’t optimized.

Make it from scratch, it will be way better than decompiling and editing frespace06_v2-1

If you feel like making it from scratch, give me a PM. A bunch of people from Tricky’s Tutorials and such have a whole list of must’s to be put into a map. I may be able to help as well. I just cannot do lighting.

We have all wanted a map, just have had no one to make it. Also, ZeosPantera has some nitpicky things about maps that might benefit everyone.

First test of my new pyramid is done, uploading…(I’ll post a link HERE so as not to clutter up the releases section with bits and pieces of the map lol)

Includes one custom texture already! And I’ve only done the pyramid!

NOTE: It was compiled using CORDON BOUNDS; most of the actual map was not included. Just the pyramid.

Why not make you own idea for a map?

The old freespace was good enough.

Why not upload pictures of finished parts? :saddowns:

Add a train track, that loops, and goes through the city. Do not make it retardedly done and don’t add tunnels.

By retardedly done I mean using fail by making a ramp curve before it goes straight at the end of each bit (gm_botmap_v3 is known for this, derails any of my trains.)

As was said in that other thread:

Good point. However, I intend to try to live up to his legacy, instead of butchering it.

And yeah, train tracks are on my todo list.

Any comments on the pyramid?

I actually fiddled with that once, seeing if I could do a curve on a ramp. It didn’t work. I’d have to do each rail individually and very carefully, and probably would have to include some serious vertex work to boot (which I really hate doing as it tends to create invalid brushes).

Testing a new, far more epic pyramid…tell me if I should use this one or the one I posted before (still have both).

You’ve already butchered it when you decompiled it.