Standard Map of the Gmod Soldiers Sandbox Servers

A rework of the freespace06_v2-1 map


-Large Forest
-Redone City
-Breakable Windows for Firefights
-Filled in skyscraper
-Added Multiple improved docks
-River dividing the forest
-Impressive 3D Skybox
-Moving Clouds
-Airfield complete with Hangars
-Cabin and Shed in the Forest
-Redone Lighting
-Made New Cabins in the village
-Custom Soundscapes
-City and surrounding area is fully nodegraphed for npcs

The city a few new structures such as the small warehouse and an building under construction. In addition several other buildings have been altered to take on new roles such as office buildings as well as a hydroelectric plant.

All extra content has been compiled into the map, only Hl2 and Ep2 may be required.



View of the city:

The airfield:

View inside the main hanger:

C-130 sitting in the main hanger:

Secondary Hanger:

Dock w/ Warehouses

Inside the city:

Inside the hydroelectric plant:

City w/ Nodegraph:

Cabins w/ Nodegraph:

Inside Cabins:

And a nice shot skimming over the forest:

Download Link:

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Wow nice job terminator. Did anyone help you?

I did work off a base map (freespace06_v2-1) but the rest of the work was mine.

About time you got this done Term, you started back in July I think.

Almost makes me wish I was still in GS, lol

Good work.

great map a great sucessor for the freespace maps

I remember when the freespace06 map was being created everybody became so hyped and shit about it but it ended up bearing little to no details that showed effort.

Just wondering about this, i’ve been getting this annoying bug with the water reflection in many gmod maps as well as even this one:

Its as if the water is reflecting what is underneath it, i’m not sure what can be done about it and it is quite annoying.

As far as I can tell this bug is unique to gmod as this kind of issue doesn’t happen when I run the map in ep2.

I actually like this, but some of those city buildings are bit dumb and dull.

I like this map, lots of space but still natural looking. I was hoping that it has cubemaps though :expressionless:

Yeah it does have cubemaps, I should probably add that to the features list

I was expecting something a lot worse when I saw the title- but this is brilliant!


Correction: Several other maps appear to not have functioning soundscapes either, must be something to do with how garry broke the script loading in gmod.

The map is brilliant, well done, theres one problem tough, big one, lags way too much, all those trees, should add some fog and try some way to limit how far from the player the objects will be rendered.

Looks neat. Is it available on ToyBox?

The airport doesn’t have cubemaps.


Actually the whole map doesn’t have cubemaps…

VERY impressive! This has gotten really good. I remember the first versions.

Runs like shit for me. No problems in the center of the city, but FPS plunges into the depths when I take a quick glance at the forest.

What’s the console command to show cubemaps?

You can see if the map has cubemaps by spawning a prop and applying a reflective/shiny material on it. Or use the impulse 81 console command.

i miss the freespace maps