Freespec for admin? or glitch?

Hey guys whilst typing in chat box today i must have pressed something but i went into what i could call free spec, i could only spec one person out of the few that were on the server, yet i could still change weapons but not use them, has there been a spec mode button made in last update? i didnt think freespec was avail yet? i had a screenshot but accidentally deleted it, also i had to completely disconnect from the server to respawn in normal state with my items, usually when you come out of spec mode it kills you and you have to respawn twice to get to your’e bag, so i was a little puzzled, i was able to fly through buildings, go skyhigh and stuff, i am an admin on my server but wasn’t using any console commands or console for that matter. have i missed a update thats now included freespec for admins? if so please let me know what the button is and ill remove this post :slight_smile:

Rightshift-p is the spectate, rightshift-L is fly mode.

You are awsome :smiley: