Freeze all? Spawnlist Problem -_-

Is there a way to freeze everything that is welded together? Like u can press R to unfreeze all.

Also while im at it, i have orange box and got all games mounted but only Episode 2, portal and TF2 spawnlist is showing, but i can still browse all game models.
I recently reinstalled Gmod and before i did, this problem didn’t occur.

Anyone know how to fix or where to find spawnlsit for HL2, episode 1 and lost coast?

i know if you dupe it you can set to freeze all when it spwans “i think”

Hmm maybe, but that would be kinda annoying to do all the time, why doesnt anyone make a Tool or whatever that freezez everything :smiley:

Thanks a lot dude, i tried searching for freeze but couldnt see that one :7