Freeze on loading screen, please help.

So, last night my Garry’s Mod was working completely fine, no issues whatsoever. Been playing it literally for months, 1374 hours on record.

Today I get home and try to launch Garry’s Mod, it freezes on the loading screen, and in task manager stops responding.

What I tried, in order:

  1. Delete local game cache and reinstall
  2. Do so a second time
  3. Manually delete all garry’s mod folders except for addons, models and materials, reinstall
  4. Manually delete /all/ files under garrys mods folders, reinstall
  5. Uninstall Garry’s Mod, delete all files in Steam except for Steamapps and Steam.exe, reinstall once steam was installed

None of it worked. I googled it, and apparently only one person has fixed it, by reformatting their entire computer.

Please help.

I have the same issue. I also saw that question. I’d say we can collaborate our attempted “fixes” in my post since it already has a few replies:

Keep this for reference and to give statistics about your PC - parts and such.