Freeze on opening containers and freeze stutter.

Issue 1: Whenever I open a container the game freezes for 2-5 seconds. It goes dead. Happens every time I open a container or a dead body. I just get into a server, open a box and it freezes. I play for over an hour and same happens anyway.

Issue 2: The game seems to randomly freeze for about 2-5 seconds too and then I experience rubberband effect for about 1-2 seconds after unfreeze. It seems to happen when running around or just walking in my house. It never stops no matter how long I’m on a server. It happens every 5-10 minutes or so. Quite frequent to become a huge risk.

It’s not low fps either, it’s dead on freeze. The screen is still during this time.

During both freezes cpu usage drops about 40% and then goes back up to normal once it unfreezes.
The issues were gone a patch or two ago but now it’s back. It’s pretty unplayable as it leaves me at gods mercy each time I freeze.

i5 3570k
8gb ram

If I were you I’d get a new GPU, even if it’s not to resolve this issue, you have a somewhat dated GPU currently. Even a second hand 780 would be benifitial.

No money for that shit.

lol that’s a good excuse I guess.

It happens to me all the time, usually once right after opening container and looting bodies for the first time after connecting.

I have the same issue. Funny thing is last week’s patch fixed it, but the hotfix released the next day brought it back worse than ever.

Yeah same here. It was fine but then it wasn’t anymore.

I get it whenever I open anything for the first time. Furnace, crate, body, quarry, etc.

After that type of object has been accessed once, it doesn’t do it again.

Yeah same thing happens every now and then for me to, usually the first time I open a box/furnace/body for the first time after joining the server

Yeah this isn’t a GPU issue I get the same exact thing when opening boxes/crates of any kind. Freezing for a whole 3-5 seconds.

Haven’t died to it because of it yet but I’d throw the keyboard if I did. First thing that concerns me as soon as I see the freeze start.

Also, having the crafting menus “All”-tab open, especially when most of the blueprints are researched, causes some significant lag. Dropping my FPS from a merry 90ish FPS to 20-30.

i5-4670k @ 4.0GHz
GTX-770 2GB


I’ve had the same “freeze on opening box/body” bug. Game halts for about five seconds (which feels like an eternity) the first time I open a crate or loot a body.

i think they fixed it:

RustUpdates @RustUpdates
Updated image storage, less greedy, sqlite db - @garrynewman (/main)

This seems to be pretty common, everyone in our group of about 5 experiences it and all for similar lengths of times despite having very different hardware.

Often it happens at the same time for everyone as well and is regardless of if you have been sitting in the same area for ages or are travelling. I’m inclined to think if you are playing on a long running server with tons of buildings/deployables the freeze is the server taking a few seconds to save, but afaik servers save every 10 or so mins and I’m pretty sure I don’t experience it that often.

Same problem for all windows 7 users on our server.
Win8/10 users all fine.

Just hopped in the dev-branch, and there’s definitely some positive change on the inventory. I hopped in a sandbox server, all blueprints available, and here are the results:

Pics for proof

FPS while looking at a foggy forest, 103.
FPS while inventory open, “ALL”-tab open from crafting menu, 87.

Changing to any smaller category didn’t seem to increase or decrease FPS in any way, so I’d say the UI is a lot lighter now. I have yet to see if containers cause any sort of trouble.

If there is still something wonky with the containers, expect an update in this post in next 15 minutes. If I haven’t responded after that, then it works as expected! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s for signs I think