Freeze on "Refreshing Dynamic Decor"

So I’ve had this happen 3 times so far after dying, though not every time, where I die and the server is reloading, I freeze at “Refreshing Dynamic Decor”. Waiting 10 minutes doesn’t seem to do anything, and the only way to get back into gameplay is to shutdown the client and reopen.

Current settings are maxed, gpu is R9 200, server is Facepunch Seattle, let me know if I can be more descriptive.

Me and my girlfriend have that problem too, on completely different systems.

Didn’t realize someone else already posted this issue.
My 2 cents:

Can’t do anything but let it lag out to the “Disconnected: Unresponsive” screen. Can’t disconnect or anything else. The only way it fixes itself is by disconnecting me from the server automatically.
This has only been happening since wipe.

I get this screen every other time I die it seems.

Can be repeated over and over.

Server: Facepunch Washington