FreezeNade Gun

A scripted weapon which allows you to tamper with Source physics even more. Based on the principle of freezing/unfreezing anything that comes in your sight. Left- and Right-click respectively.

Includes multiple firing modes (press Reload to switch):

Grenades - Most intuitive firing mode, fires off sticky grenades in the general firing direction. Just make sure you’re not firing them against a blank wall since they’ll conveniently bounce back at your face.

Sniper - Self-explanatory. Designed for taking long-range shots at some poor twit somewhere for all you dirtbag campers. Press E to Zoom In.

Melee - Primary fire propels anything in your immediate vicinity in the air, Secondary does basically the same, however, thrown stuff will freeze in place after a few seconds. Ideal for dispatching of random garbage and mingebags piling up near your building site.

Black Hole - Launches a spinning flock of FreezeNades towards your general aiming direction, sucking or propelling outwards anything that comes in it’s path. Take care not to get hit upside the head with something heavy when standing near it.

Video by Sgt. Napalm:
Extract to /addons

An update ? anyway :slight_smile: Going to test

Could you upload a video of it in action?

Citizen one, why are you updating everything? You’re dominating this section.

This is the exact same version as the one I had before.

I’ll see if my connection allows for that.

I’m terribly sorry.

Hardly. But it’s mostly under-the-hood update.

Still my favourite swep, good job. A few more modes would be great, got anything in the works?

Thanks a bunch. Not at the moment, I’m busy with some mapping endeavours plus a side dish of real life.

Can I make a video because I am bored and have nothing better to do?

I like the black hole the most. Nice work.

That would be very nice of you.

I believe a good person did a video of it sometime before, but I can’t quite find it now.

Better late than never!

Great! Thank you.

lul, melee mode is like you just farted XD

this is pure ownage. I installed it rong at 1st and i was getting errors lol, silly me.

You should try and get/ make a custom model for this, something futuristic, it would look pretty awesome. Sounds pretty awesome too.

I like the sniping because if you shoot zombies in the waist sometimes they get blown in half lol.

gotta be one of my favorite sweps!

Why did you bump it?

If the swep isn’t broken, it’s worth staying up… Looks awesome.


But the effect when the grenade explodes is not showing up, its just like an invisible hurt field…