Freezes at sending client info page, doesnt crash or just stop, actually freezes. please help ;-;

Ok so, I have seen the standard “Oh gmod crashes at sending client info screen” and the answer is almost always “wait it out” mine doesn’t crash, it freezes, I’m not saying it stays there for eternity I mean the actual screen freezes, after some time (like 30 seconds) on the sending client info page Ill hear the joined sounds, and Ill hear people talk the notification ding music in the background, people walking around and doing stuff etc, like I’m actually in the server. But it still stays at sending client info, I usually hover my mouse over the cancel button to confirm it froze, and of course, it doesn’t light up, confirming my suspicion.

I am genuinely baffled as to why it just freezes and the noises and such actually confirm I have in fact connected.

I have deleted my cache folder multiple times and I don’t have a lot of addons.

Please help ;-;