Freezes in NOPVP server and sometimes at other

like the title saying

I’m getting this also. I think it’s our shitty computers.

No its not the computer i got very good specs maybe the unity?

It’s not because of shitty computers. If you go in fullscreen it works flawlessly.

However, I can’t even get online to go in fullscreen because I crash whenever I try to connect :v:

so i dunno if u saw my last thread about better fullscreen so i wanna make the devs to make better stuff for fullscreen and more resolutions like 1920X1080

If your native resolution is 1920x1080, fullscreen goes 1920x1080. You can’t do much else in the browser because of limitations. There will probably be more resolutions and options when the game is released independently from a browser.

damn not working even when not fullscreen keep crashing after some minutes

Nope. Still crashing after a few minutes in fullscreen.


Weird. Could somebody idle and have the console up to see if there are any errors, or if anything happens when you freeze?

These crashes are related to memory usage. This explains why some people are affected by the issue while others aren’t. See here for more information:

This is the console output during one of these freezes (can’t say if it’s related to the actual freeze):

I took a look at the Resource Monitor and it seems like it’s not the main process that is taking up all the RAM. I saw a second process quickly gaining memory usage and then Iron terminated both of the processes. Other browsers seem to react slower.
On a second thought, the second process seems like a feature of Unity to make RAM intensive programs to run on 32bit. If it’s not a feature… Yeah. Weird.