Freezes while downloading LUA file for server

Alright, well I just bought GarrysMod and everytime I try to join a Multiplayer server. It goes through downloading everything all good. then as soon as it trys to download the LUA file, GarrysMod stops responding.

I dont know the problem. I havnt updated garrys mod , its currently 15% updated but it still lets me load the game. just wont download the LUA file. SO help.
Heres a pic. Once it just gets down to the LUA, its doesn’t respond.

Well first of all let it get to 100% then come back here if the problem persists as you know having a fully downloaded/uptodate game is kinda important.

Alright, When I got Counterstrike I could play normally before it was all done updating so I thought it might be the same, but Ill let it update before I come back here.

On a side note, it’s considerably faster to download your maps from a place like and put them directly in your /garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder, rather than downloading them from a server (takes a whole lot longer).

What maps do you suggest I download. BEcause Im not sure what the popular ones are.