Freezing an item on mac Touchpad Gmod

How do I freeze an item Im spawning in Garrys Mod with the Mac touchpad? I have been looking for an answer for like a week or two, but I can’t figure out…!

The game is best played with a mouse, for sure.
BUT, if thats not possible, you can do two things, the first is go to options>keyboard in gmod, and set “secondary fire” to any key other than mouse2 … you will then need to press a key to freeze props.
While your in there, I would also suggest re-binding the “numpad” keys to something different (since laptops dont have them), otherwise you wont be able to use things like thrusters.

Another option is going to your mac’s trackpad options, and there is one where you can set the bottom right corner of the trackpad to act as a right click.

Again, you will be much happier with a mouse in gmod.