Freezing at receiving data

Ever since the latest patch yesterday the problems with memory leak has got slightly worse for me and now i’m restarting my client like every 30 mins, but about 10 mins ago when i try to load into a server it gets stuck at receiving data, iv’e restarted my client and steam a few times and obviously it doesn’t work, so i think i’m going to reinstall rust which i doubt will work but i guess it’s worth a shot but before i do does anyone know if there is a known fix for it?

One possible fix would be logging in through a VPN.
That works for many games that all of the sudden got connection problems.

I have this same issue when im in the snow.

happens on my server aswell. A lot of people are crying when my search is above 100 players.
Temp fix: If someone stuck in receiving data just kill the guy.