Freezing jeeps

Is there any other way than freezing jeeps (sorta) than using applyforce?

We tried enablemotion and setmovetype, none worked.

What we are trying to accomplish is freezing a vehicle in mid air.

Is it part of a gamemode? and are you making the map yourself? if you are wouldn’t be easier to implement it into the map itself?

It is part of garrysmod Racer, the map doesnt handle the spawning of the cars, it just point at the place and in which rotation it should be.



-snip- GMod Racer is a private game-mode.

I know it’s so late. Found way to do this in “base/gamemode/player.lua”:

local ent = GAMEMODE.PlayerVehicles[v]
for i = 0, ent:GetPhysicsObjectCount() do

You can freeze any ragdoll-like entity such way.

Holy necro.

That’s interesting though. Does it still cause crashes?