Freezing on Compile

At the end is the part it is constantly freezing at… I cant figure out why every damn time it freezes.

I compiled a test version of this map only about a day before i had this problem. I only added 2 lights in a house. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing the freeze.

I tried Refreshing the SDK content and reseting Settings.

Nothing seems to work and cant find anything on google. Any ideas?

Take the space out of the file name and put an underscore _

Also you might want to look at this;
Optimization Guide

There is no space…

“d3vine rp.bsp” I see a space between d3vine and rp.

Theres no space, it only looks like a space.

I even re-compiled changing the name to rp_d3vine, Same problem. As i said theres no space.


Either way if it did or not, it still wouldnt freeze on Vvis

The space you guys are seeing is FPs Word break

Too many characters and it breaks it up
It was called d3vinerp.vmf

Your map is unoptimized. The compiler freezes because of how Windows Vista/7 check if a program is not responding. VVIS is just taking an extremely long time to complete. You need to optimize your map.

From the looks of it, your map is extremely complicated, considering VBSP is taking longer than a few short seconds to complete. You will probably be spending a considerable amount of time optimizing your map.

But basically, it “crashes,” meaning that Windows believes it’s hit an infinite loop and isn’t working properly, when really, it’s just running a bunch of repetitive calculations. It’s still running, but it doesn’t report back to the compile window. The L4D2 SDK addresses this issue, the compiler for L4D2 isn’t a separate form, it’s a command line program and they’ve modified the way it works so it doesn’t appear to have crashed.

No… Ive had it compiling for over a day yesterday and shortly closed it right before i posted this. It just Freezes all together, and no it doesnt need further optimization because I literally JUST compiled it, i only added lights inside a house. Thats it.

And i dont have 7/Vista, i have XP.

You left it on for a day and it only got to 0…1…?

Check task manager to see if vvis.exe is still running. I’m betting it is.

In which case, optimize. VVIS should never take longer than a few minutes to compile, ever. There is no reason for you to wait a whole day just to test a map.

And lights aren’t dealt with until VRAD. I really suggest you read that guide and speed up VVIS.


that is, check Task manager the next time it “crashes”

Yeah it was still running and taking 99 CPU and the task was taking 999,999. Which basically froze my entire computer.

Ill double check, I though VVis was with lighting, thats what i was confused about.

FindPortalSide: Couldn't find a good match for which brush to assign to a portal near (-977.0 3336.0 1362.0)
Leaf 0 contents: CONTENTS_SOLID
Leaf 1 contents:
viscontents (node 0 contents ^ node 1 contents): CONTENTS_SOLID
This means that none of the brushes in leaf 0 or 1 that touches the portal has CONTENTS_SOLID
Check for a huge brush enclosing the coordinates above that has contents CONTENTS_SOLID
Candidate brush IDs: Brush **7970**: 

find that brush. Delete it and remake it.
I can’t remember where, but there is a way to search for brush ID’s

I didn’t forget it. Seeing it multiple times made me kind of skeptical that it was doing it.

Deleting that brush didnt do anything, and i cant optimize the map any further than it already is.

It still freezes.

I get the feeling you don’t know how to optimize then
Learn how, Eh?

Follow my link, (its the same that robimaster posted) It should help you compile faster.

You’ve got at least 24 hours worth of visleaf calculations to simplify, I’d say there’s quite a bit you can do. Start off with Map -> Load Portal File

I would like to see a hammer screenshot of this map of yours.