Freezing on Sending Client Info

When I try to join a server, it loads up to the point that there’s only one bar space left, then freezes.

I don’t know why or if I’m the only one, but if anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

Sure it’s not just very slow?

Does this happen on all servers or only some servers? Also, what addons do you have installed? And system specs would be nice too.

It does that for me too, but only if I have the Steam overlay open at the time.
Just try to wait like 10 minutes, and see if it’s stuck, or if it goes on.

  1. I waited half an hour, certain it’s not just slow.
  2. Some servers/Same addons for the last 4 months, not counting deleting Wire/I havent changed anythign about my system so I know it isnt that.
  3. See 1.

I have the same problem. Except I have a mac, and Gmod simply crashes at the “Sendng Client Info…” part of the load.