Freezing Physgun

I have one problem. For somereason when my admins (under the admin ulx rank) physgun any player including me (under the owner ulx rank) they freeze me. Meaning that when I physgun someone they can freely move around and use their weapons. When an admin physguns someone the person they are physgunning looses all control of movement.

How do I make it so admins can not physgun me like that, and is it possible for me to make it so if staff members physgun each other then the other staff member can freely move but if they physgun a player that player can’t move?

Any help would be appreciated.

Check how the hierarchy of your ranks and who they inherit from in your group config.

I check it goes from Owner -> Senior Admin -> Admin -> Trial Admin -> User

Of course Owner being the highest and user being the lowest.

I just realised something their is an option that says can target: !%superadmin. What would this do?

They can target everyone thats lower than superadmin

Go in your ulx menu then to mange groups, then type in what I wrote bellow for each groups targeting.

Owner: *
Senior Admin: !%Owner
Admin: !%Senior Admin
Trial Admin: !%Admin
User: !%Trial Admin

This will make it so a person can only target someone in their group and bellow.

Will this fix the physgun thing?

Test it and try it.

Nope, didn’t fix it. I was checking through darkrp and I have fadmin enabled. Should I disable this? Or will this cause some problems with the server?