Freezing when Checking Addons / Dissconnecting from a Server

I haven’t played Garrysmod much since the 13 update, but now that all the addons have been fixed I’ve gotten back into it.

Whenever I start garrysmod, there is a moment after it displays the main menu where it checks or mounts all of the addons you are subscribed to, the game completely freezes for anywhere from 10 seconds to 20 minutes while it does this, after which it will resume and either download the addon updates or whatnot. It does not do this if you are not online or have steam in offline mode. The time legnth it freezes for seems to have to do with my internet speed, which is very slow, so it might not be a problem for all the lucky new yorkers with google fiber.

Second problem: disconnecting from servers, I do this alot credit the 12 year olds who feel its necissary to spam e2 dupes at you the moment you spawn. Whenever I disconnect, it shows the server menu, and freezes for about 10-15 seconds, if you click anything during this time, it will reconnect you to the server. It’s only started doing this recently.

Any help with this?

If you have too many addons/workshop subscriptions it will cause this kind of lag. Otherwise, you can ensure your drivers are up to date and try verifying the game cache

How many is too many? It seems there are a lot of addons that are mandatory these days. I am subscribed to 149.

Thats too many, especially if you dont have the best computer

I have cut it down to 99 that I either like to much to get rid of or are needed for servers. Most of them are individual tools (turret, weight, etc) and maps (evocity, flatgrass classic).

It seems to have helped a little bit, but the internet is also working well today.
The system I use is:
2.4Ghz Core 2 E6600
8Gb pc2-6400-cl4
Seagate st1000d003 1Tb
Geforce GTX 460 768mb

If I’m correct it is the cpu that is bottlenecking, because I have upgraded almost everything else last year?


99 addons is still a lot (Do you really need that many?) you could try running Garry’s Mod in a window alongside Task manager, and see how much CPU is being used. I doubt memory is the problem, but reading all those add ons is also going to be putting a lot of strain on the hard drive as well

Yeah, you still have way too many addons. I had the same issue and I had 6 pages worth of subscribed stuff.

I reduced it down to a single page and I still lag a tiny bit (my hard drive isn’t very fast and it’s kind of old) but it’s nothing like it was compared to before, my entire computer freezing mouse and all.

During a freeze I monitored my hard drive with the Windows resource monitor and my hard drive’s queue time jumped up to 100+ ms (OS freeze at 70 ms), and hl2.exe was reading millions of bits per second on all of my GMAs at once. That’s not good.

So yeah, remove what you can. Do you really need all those tools and maps? Do you play on singleplayer a lot?

How do I find this windows resource monitor? It sounds very usefull & I will do some tests with it.

I play on singleplayer a lot, I’ve tried to play multiplayer but there just arent any very good servers out anymore.