Freezones V1

This is a map i have been working on for my server as well for your servers too if you want. Map name is gm_freezones_v1 if you have not already guessed. I am not a pro with hammer and i have not done so very much detailing on the map but i’ll do my best on it. Here, have some WIP screenshots. :3:

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Spawn Zone:

Hill Zone:

Grass Zone:

Water Zone:

As this is a WIP, more zones will be availible later when the map gets bigger.

Ok, add trim to those edges, make some shit round (use the cylinder primitive and clip it), change the textures (use dev ones for now - the current ones make my eyes bleed), remove the water or make it bigger - at it’s current size it’s not good for anything, use displacements, add some props.

Its very block, and why are you using roof textures for a wall?
Look to the bright-side, at least its not a shitty gm_construct or flatgrass remake :3:

Ah, yer. Almost all textures (all the vanilla ones) will have either wall, ceiling or floor in there name.

Only use textures with their respective surfaces.

There are a few exceptions…some of the metallic wall textures can be used in other areas.

But yeh…the map is still quite bland, but it doesn’t have much of a release quality. You have potential, but this map does not. You first release map should contain much more space and features than this.

Updated some little stuff.


The red and green light tells you if the teleport leads anyway. Green got a destination and red does not. Also made the Grass Zone and Water Zone bigger.

Textures and blockiness are making your map look crappy. It’s an easy fix - hard to get perfect, but easy to start.

You got an tutorial or something for the blockiness?

I have changed the textures to this:

Urgh… Not really. make a cylinder with 24 sides (you can change the number of sides where you select which primitive you want) that measures 128x128. Clip it in half (delete once side if it didn’t automatically). Then make a brush 64x128 units and put it next to the cylinder, where the deleted half was. Use this instead of the block you currently have over the spawns/teleports.

Is this what you were saying? Or is it better than it was?

:crying: Please use jpeg.


Takes forever to load.

Skate Zone: (Under Construction)

In-game screens please. :3:

Oh damnit.

The skate park seems too think on the ramps and stuff. Also, I never knew there were concrete half-pipes people skate on.

They are coming.


More images.

The ramps are far too steep, there no chance a biker or skateboarder will get up there without tumballing back down.


Also, thick concrete ramps? It should be wood :3:

There shouldn’t be grass as the ground at a skate park.

New zone coming. Forest Zone