frejgun's goremod with bones problems.

has anyone used this mod? if so can you tell me how to make it work?
I got the mod but only the special blood splats show. nothing else. plz help. btw, it’s this mod:


Anybody? HELP MEH!!! ><

Its fake.

what? wat do you mean “Fake”. Its got like a ton of lua files. thats almost impossible.

He tried to change some parts and at the same time broke the whole thing.
Here is the original working one:

so basically I will never see a realistic and very well working goremod for a while…? :’(

I think Gibsplat 2 will be coming out at one point.

GibSplat 2 will revolutionize Source gore.

true. I wonder if gibsplat 2 will have like blood spilling/spurting. and all of the stuff that this fake goremod promised :smiley:

ALOT more. It will have many layers, meaning you can rip an NPCs skin off to see flesh, boil him in acid to see his skeleton, burn him to make him all ashy and fleshy, or just shoot his body part off sending it flying.

SWEET!!!, Ima go play tf2 now!