French Algerian female freedom fighter[concept provided]

hey, i have a suggestion here for a possible hostage or terrorist model. below i’ve illustrated a scene featuring the concept

backstory: some of you might recall a suggestion i made in the screenshot section. i asked if anyone wanted to create a scene depicting a german soldier being castrated and then fed his own genitals. i didn’t make that up out of thin air, though. it has basis in history, it happened to soldiers in ww2 and vietnam, and in a story from the old testament, where they mention a similar act in the tale of judith and holofernes. but i got the details of the idea from reading an article about female freedom fighters in the algerian war.

these girls, many of them no older than 17, would disguise themselves as prostitutes and lure french soldiers into a secluded location; where they would fellate them, and then castrate and kill them. it had nothing to do with pleasure though, they needed to arouse them so that upon castration, the blood loss would be more significant and the struggle/death would be quicker. it was revenge for the behavior of french troops, who sometimes raped local women suspected of being terrorists.

so anyway, after they do the deed, they’d often strip the soldiers and leave them out in a public place for people to find the next day. to add insultto injury, the soldiers would have their own genitals placed in their mouth or anus. now as i drew the concept after being inspired, i kept in mind that these were likely young and attractive girls, but i also wanted to make it clear that these were no angels. i tried to incorporate that into the art. enjoy:

I don’t know what’s worse- the request or the fact that you’re getting “optimistic” tags.

that’s why i said it could also be a hostage model if the terrorist idea is too extreme.

So I skimmed over the first post (as in ignored the words and skimmed the picture) then I saw the replies and was like “What’s so bad about it…?”

Then I paid attention and was scared out of my mind.

Any suggestions on what I should change in the concept? I thought about giving the character less revealing clothing, but that would take away from the whole idea that these are young girls pretending to be prostitutes. Maybe the Tennis shoes are a little inappropriate.

You really should not of given a back story. It makes everyone cringe when it gets to castrate.


How awfully disturbing.

I read the back story and uh, wow is the best word to describe that…wow and WTF we got some creepy posts here on FP

Hey guys, still taking suggestions. I’m thinking of possibly doing the next concept on the moment the castration occurs.

If you have any ideas about how i should position the figures, clothing adjustments, etc, feel free to post it.

John, this is a model request forum and no one is interested or skilled enough to make this model. Go to the art section and post it there.

Alright. Also, I just realized why the face looks so familiar. It’s some girl from my class.


Do not want slut T’s and castrated CT’s.

Seriously, just… no.