French army, Bundeswehr and US Army about to kill each others.

How to get the best of this picture :
-Start the music
-Right click => Open image
-F11 or whatever the fullscreen button is.

*Posing : 1 hour + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : 30 minute
Editing (Photoshop) : None
PSD file : None

**Well yeah, for once the U.S are the baddies. Russians attacked Azerbaïdjan, Americans sent troops, Russians and Americans fought… then the “Mutual Assured Destruction” theory turned out to be true. Both countries got torned apart by nukes. EU countries decided to unite their army under one flag, Russia got annihiliated and the U.S government decided it might be a good idea to take the opportunity to conquer Europe.

There take place this picture. ***

Pretty interesting speculation

This, and i like the ingame editing.

I think your posiing is pretty top notch, sir.

reminds me of a tom clancy’s end war

just without bright ass blue EU troops.

Nobody loves us. :saddowns:

Nice concept
(except the US would never do that we love you guys too much)
(and russia is becoming FRIENDLY with us)

D’aaaw, come on, Sarkozy came in Russia for the 65th anniversary of WWII Allies’ victory! We care about our lil’ russia!

Wait a minute…

US doesn’t give a shit about Europe. We should stop thinking it will never happen because hey, “It’s the US!”. Men always fought each others and will always do, no matter their flag. Also yeah, Russia is kind of friendly with everybody but the countries around them. :v:

yeah okay, I’m glad you speak for all of us :smiley:

anyway enough stupid political debate.

Your pictures look great.

I like this.
The posing is brilliant and overall it is very excellent.

See: WW1 and WWII
Specifically these guys

but considering recent goings-ons I see your point



Na realy, good posing and shit.


Really sexy in-game lighting.


With our Army in two countries already, I don’t think Europe’s an option.

pretty dman good

This is a fiction.

Great posing and the music is perfect. It helps me imagine a firefight.

“because FUCK YOU that’s why!”

The French will just surrender. Good posing and lighting.