French Fucks

Just a heads up to everyone playing on the NA server. There are several French fuckers running around killing new people. They beg for food or whatever, and then if you answer, then blow your head off, if you dont, they charge your door and blow your head off. They have been attacking nobody but newbies, no doubt because they suck shit so much that they can’t take a real challenge, so just be wary.

Haha, Clever raiders, be smarter if they only pretend to be one person. :rock:

I got shot prior, so I went to open and close my door really fast to see how many there were, but the shithead glitched through my door as I closed it. i opened and closed it unbelievably fast, and he still fucking gets in.

TEH BRITS ARE COMING :quagmire: Make a 2nd store for scouting


testing stoof

You sound very angry, maybe calm down it’s just a game?

Yes, I am very angry. I just lost a lot of shit. I’m also being productive and taking this anger to warn everyone about these french fries. I’m sick of the “calm down, blahblahblah”. I wasn’t directing any of my anger at you, so maybe you should kinda refrain from telling me what to do?

Well, switch servers but just remember, theres always hackers and bandits. so just stay cautious and stay hidden. :wink:

Nah, I’m fine on the NA server. I’ve lost so much more countless other times, so I’ll be ok. Maybe I just need to make a dash for the cargo plane drop to get enough wood to start up a big base?

I’m not telling you what to do, I’m suggesting you stop getting so buttmad over a few pixels in a virtual world

Don’t like arguing over the internet as it solves nothing, so I’ll take this rebuttal in stride and just flip you the bird
…(’(…´…´… ¯~/’…’)
…’’… _.·´

(User was banned for this post ("Extremely dumb reply / flaming" - MaxOfS2D))

Mature, to say the least, but alright