French lua tutorial ?

Hi , i want to learn lua but i need a french tutorial cause it would be easy to learn for me ? I know that translator sucks … any one help ?

I guess theres no tuto …

The second result is this thread. What does that tell you about the availability of it?


Fearlesskiller, learn Javascript or PHP or C first. There are plenty of tutorials for them written in French, and once you have the knowing of programming, you can Lua easily.

Alternatively, learn English. English is pretty much the default language, everyone should know it, and everything becomes easier when you understand English, so just stay around here and keep reading, you’ll learn a lot.

All functions used in GMod are written in English, so you’ll have a much easier time understanding what they do if you already know what their name means.
Plus, there’s a bunch of nice people here who will help you if you have trouble understanding anything (provided you don’t ask stupid questions). You won’t find that anywhere else, the biggest french GMod community is an awful pile of shit filled with prepubescent idiots with communist tendencies who fap to badly edited sexposes and awful comics, and I know what I’m talking about, since I used to be a regular member there. Don’t even count on them to help you with Lua, I’m not even sure the admin knows what it is.

Yeah i understand english pretty well , just sometimes theres weird stuff that make me say i dont understand … well ima just try in english … i just said it would be easier in french

If you have not been studying English for about 7 to 9 years, then some of our ‘fancy’ words in programming may not make the slightest bit of sense to you.

Google translate says that the wiki is not a valid URL to translate, so there’s no help there, i’m sorry.

and yeah if i need help ill ask , and nice people will help me :slight_smile: , thanks for advice . i know some stuff in C . and i started lua , but ill ask my friend to help me :smiley:

The only way I can see you viewing the Wiki in french is getting Mozilla Firefox and downloading THIS addon for it.

Works fine?

Also no, that wouldn’t work, as some function names known to it would also be translated.

Well, I think ALL scripting languages are english-based, i’ve not seen one otherwise.

yeah me too , and thanks dave ill try with it

No their not, wikipedia will give you all kinds of info about other language based programming languages:

Heh, you seem to be pretty okay with English, you shouldn’t have much trouble understanding the wiki, even if some words don’t make much sense to you, simply watching their context will give you an idea of what they mean.
Feel free to add me to Steam if you need some help. (that’s the little Steam icon under my username)

Most of them seem to be shit programming languages which are never used. :downs: