French server always offline

Hello, i want to ask this question: WHY THE FRENCH SERVER ALWAYS CRASHING, there are a lots of persons on this server and it’s always lagging and crashing, i want to know why ? There are a lots of rollbacks. Please fix it.It’s impossible to raid on this server.

Thank you

I am on this server too and can’t connect yesterday and today.

They may be actually doing a wipe :smiley:

Yes it’s possible but there was a wipe about 6 days ago

I know, but the UK server and have had GERMAN wipe so maybe its our turn will

The german server wasn’t wiped. The save file corrupted.

It’s offline

And online again.

And offline again

again offline shit :frowning:

Yea guys, it’s called crash. And unfortunately the process doesn’t exit, so the recovery can’t happen automatically.

More and more I’m wondering if you named yourself to be ironic.