Frequent freezes

This recently started about 4 days ago.

When I’m on ANY server, and even in single player, the screen freezes, or mainly, everything moving freezes, including myself. It’s the kind of freeze where, your walking one direction, everything on the screen freezes, then after the freeze ends, you see yourself where you were before the freeze, but it quickly switches to where you should be if the freeze never happened. These freezes last for about a second, and when they happen, another one follows afterwards (they come in packs of 2 freezes followed after each other, and the packs of 2 freezes happen about every 10-20 seconds) kind of like what happens when you briefly lose a connection to a server, but it quickly resolves.

The actual game freezes, not the game window, or the game engine. It’s more like a connection freeze.

This is making playing the game nearly impossible, such as when I play rp, Everytime I’m in a chase, Mr. Freeze comes in and fucks it up, and I get caught.

Edit: I’ve tried multiple things, such as removing ALL addons, defragmenting cache, and verifying files. I think this may just be my internet, because now, I’m getting alot of 40 second connection problem notices.