Frequently Played Servers Unjoinable


This has been happening to me for quite a while now, and each time it has resolved itself within 2-3 days. It’s an issue where these servers that I commonly play on are suddenly sucked away, and it usually happens in one big cluster with all servers that I frequently play on. The weird thing is, it also happens to servers I no longer play on, but used to play on lots. I have tried everything, through typing ‘connect ip.ip.ip’ to joining through my friends and none of them work. It just shows up with ‘Connection failed after 6 retries’. It’s not a server issue, and my internet is fine with everything else.

My specs are:
Windows 7 Professional N (yes i’m poor)
Intel Core i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz
64 bit OS

Please help me out. If you need anymore info, please reply. It’s really annoying.

It turns out that now many servers are dissapearing forever, not to be joined in any way. This includes some of my favourite servers.


This thread is still open and I still need help…

My only guess is the server browser is overloading your router with too many connections. I have had the issue before. You can search for a solution that is relevant to your router.

I’m sorry? My favourite server isn’t showing up, and it’s up. As well as several other servers just turning into random ip adresses and being unjoinable. I can’t find anyway to join them.

After nearly 3 months of not being able to join, I got my long-winded issue, regarding not being able to connect to many servers, fixed. It turns out, it was an issue with my router. Thanks to TheCloak.