Fresh 3/12 | Rust++ | PVP | Active Admins | Sleepers |

Hello there,
I started this server simply because I was sick of the constant hackers on official servers, and no active admins to stop them or to restart the server to clear bugs etc. OR the admin abuse on private modded servers who think since they are admins they can do what they want (Which they technically can)… I am renting this server to supply my friends and I a hack free and admin abuse free server. We are aware it will take time to populate the server to the means to compete with some of the official or longer standing servers and are willing to take suggestions and feedback on what you the players of our server would like… Maybe you think the starter kit should include a bow, or maybe there shouldn’t be a starting kit at all? On our server, feedback from you will result in actions on the server based on what the server community would like to see. We are here to have fun, and fun is what we will have, we are planning events, clan events, a gladiator arena, and much more! We look forward to seeing you come check us out. You can direct connect to the server from the start screen of rust, just press F1 and type net.connect Remove the *'s