Fresh 3/17 | U.S.EAST | AIRDROPS | 1/10 Craft | Slow Durability | net.connect

Why our server? No Admin abuse (we take this seriously), minimal amount of lag as possible, active group of people, and a good list of mods (we’re willing to tweak) including: Airdrops, 1/10 Craft, Slow Durability, /remove, and /help for other possible commands. We’re also open to any suggestions you may have to help us improve and maintain our server.

How to find us? Connect to our server easily you can open the console by pressing F1 at the server list and paste this into the console. net.connect


bump <3

Bump, bring your friends, great place to start, very stable server!!!


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I will award a reasonable and balanced prize pack to people who bring new groups to the server! BUMMPP

Noob friendly, bring your friendz!!




250 Planks and 100lqm for 1 member of your group if you bring 3!


got some regulars, need more!