Okay title says it all, BASIC RUST SERVER, come on in. Fight the elements for your life, if someone comes up to kill you, run away. If you want to be friendly sure, want to build towns, Sure. Want to come in with your massive group and become a stronghold THIS IS THE PLACE! I along with the other admins, have a very open rule book, only thing i ask is no griefing other players large houses, now if you destroy a shack don’t call that griefing. Airdrops are very random, but occur very often even with low numbers in the server. IF the server populates quickly there will be mass airdrop spawning (say 10 per time). Events will be held for winnings, (supply signals maybe?) Overall a fun server from the noob up to the advanced survivalist.

Server is fresh as of today just like many others, will not wipe UNLESS NEEDED TO BY DEVS.

SERVER INFO: Net.connect
Owner: Frog

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))

Awesome server, I’ve been playing on it for the passed three days and the Admins are mature, friendly, and very helpful with their community. So far the players have been fun to play with, and will help you out with getting started. I recommend this server to those searching for a fun experience in rust, without Admin abuse or getting constantly wiped out from the bandits.

I look forward to seeing new players in the server!

Thanks glad you enjoy playing!

I’ve been playing on here for a few days now and I can’t find anything to talk bad about. The admins REALLY love airdrops and they have occurred quite a few times since i’ve been on this server. They’ve dropped 20+ at once and love helping other players out. I have yet to experience any of the admins abusing their power. Great server for people who are brand new to rust as the admins are very helpful with questions presented.