**FRESH** [EU] RustyBucket Fresh26/02|AirDrops|Oxide|ActiveAdmins|CheatPunch|Noob Friendly

How to connect:

  1. Press F1 (Console)
  2. Enter “net.connect” into the text box and hit enter.

Hello Rust gamers, I’m fairly new to Rust but not the PC Community. Have been a gaming league Admin for Enemydown.co.uk and theKGL.com, have managed Dayz servers and other various servers CS:S. Not new to admining starting a new Rust Community, All are welcome! Enjoy.

Below are some things that are on the server:

-Fresh as of February 26, 2014.
-Oxide Mods - Oxmin,Playerlist,Groups,PM,Doorshare,DeathHandler,Cheatpunch
-DDos Protection
-Airdrops 10+ untill server becomes more popular
-Active Admins (Non Abusive - No Admin Houses - Play like normal players - There in case of hackers)
-No Wipes

Feel free to join and invite to our steam group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RustyBucket

I would love to see you all in the future.